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White screen color image background

People use the white screens for:

White screen for drawing copies

To make it easy to redo an image, I required a bright surface under the paper.

A light source is a white screen.

illuminating a lightbox's back for product photography

To test the monitor, a white screen

Look for dead pixels on your display.

A black or white screen

Want to avoid interruptions? Would you like to pause? To clear your screen, use a white background.

White screen as a reading light

must find a light source so you can read books in the dark when the light switch is too far away.

Using a white screen as a makeup light

as a strong light source for shooting photographs or applying cosmetics

Monitor cleaning with a white screen

Even though it's absurd, I use it to clean my display. It makes what appears on the screen clearer. Although this only seldom occurs while I'm not looking for professional color grading, I also use it to examine how well various displays represent simple colors.

Using a white screen to check for dust

I use the same background to check for dead or stuck pixels and clean my display. I use it occasionally to light up my face while I'm on a camera.

Use a white screen to trap flies.

Little flies were lured to the white screen on my monitor, and I began capturing them.

To create a flipbook, use a white screen.

Since I don't have a professional screen for this, I'm using my computer and putting the white screen on it, so I don't touch anything by accident. I'm working on an animated sequence, and I'm doing it the traditional way (by hand), I thus require a white surface with light so that I can place one piece of paper over another and view both of them.

White screen to help you concentrate

I utilize two displays when I'm studying, one for a timer and the other for online searches. I leave the screen blank while I'm not searching so that I won't be interrupted by anything on the computer.


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